The coordinator of this site occasionally receives questions regarding copyright or issues concerning reproduction of materials. We therefore offer HERE our policies regarding those things.

YES, we ARE "copyright conscious" regarding the materials in our website, and we DO assert our policy, and we ask "quoters" and "borrowers" to respect our policies and to respect United States Copyright LAW. It is there for a reason.

Some people wish to quote from or use the materials they find "here and there" but are not familiar with United States Copyright Law or imagine that conforming to it (seeking permissions, etc) is a complicated and difficult or "bureaucratic" procedure, and end up doing an "end run" around it. This "feeling" need not be, because the "procedures" are not as difficult as some imagine.

The collaborators in this Truth Makes Free website are sympathetic with persons who wish to quote profusely from their sources. We ourselves are obviously "big time" quoters of sources. One prime example of this is our regular and repeated use of materials from the Christian Bible teacher Robert Randall. He has generously given us permissions to broadly quote him.

We here give our visitor some policy, and "shortcuts" to legally and ethically quoting materials from our Truth Makes Free website:

The sample "paragraph" below consists of 300 words. We ask that "quoters" and "borrowers" DO NOT EXCEED using that much unbroken or uninterrupted text from our site in any one quote.

That does NOT mean that you are restricted to only quoting 300 words total, but only that you not exceed 300 UNINTERRUPTED words in any one quote. We grant permissions for using as many as five (5) quotes of UNINTERRUPTED or UNBROKEN text like that from our website with no need to write to us for permissions.

The sample "paragraph" below consists of half that, or 150 words.

In any ONE document of any kind, be it a book, pamphlet, email or PDF or web page, etc, etc, "quoters" may use as many as ten (10) separate quotes of 150 words or less, in addition to the granted five (5) or fewer separate quotes of 300 words or less each.

The duplication of any more of our text than that shall be deemed as used WITHOUT permission and in violation of U. S. Copyright Law.

Our permissions policy also requires that the quoter cite as his source the Truth Makes Free website, at "".

A visitor may wonder about "quotes of quotes" or quoting from this website such materials as are understood to be from other writers (for example The Great Eclipse by Robert Randall). Mr. Randall has given us permission to quote from his works to the extent that we do, and has fully concurred with his texts found in our website being placed under our own "permissions policy" as stated above on this page. As long as his material is cited as from Robert Randall and his book The Great Eclipse the user may quote to the extents explained above without the need to seek additional special permissions. However, to reiterate, such things from this site as are the work of the Truth Makes Free team must be credited as from the Truth Makes Free website at "".