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Here's what you'll find in this website:

MAIN PAGE - The "Homepage" or Entrance to this website, the page that introduces
                      you to our website.

ABOUT - A brief explanation of the "project" that is this website.

SITEMAP - The page you are on right now. Provides a general overview of
                      what is in the site.

STATEMENT OF FAITH - Shares the primary Christian beliefs of the contributors.

THE SAVING GOSPEL - What "The Gospel" is; What a person needs for "receiving Jesus"
                      and "getting saved." The "starting point" for the Christian life.

NOT FORSAKING the epi-sun-ago-ge - A study on the word episunagoge in Hebrews 10:25.
                  It' not what you think. Be patient while the page loads, as it has
                  numerous graphics helpful to the study.
                                CONTEXT - A sub-page of the "Not Forsaking" page;
                                          The CONTEXT that Heb. 10:25 is IN.
                                          Page still under construction.

CHURCH VS EKKLESIA - Why is the Greek word ekklesia translated as "church?"
                      We show why it should not be, and why the matter is important.

UPDATE NOTE A: At the time of writing this note (July 8, 2017), a very large section of the "Church versus Ekklesia" study is out for editing and page-design change. A large "section" that ought to have been in several distinct pages was all on one long page that had to be scrolled "forever" just to reach a "continue to next page" button. The entire web page"format" needs re-design and is proving time-consuming. Our apologies for the break in the material, and any inconveniences to our visitors.

UPDATE NOTE B: At the time of writing this note (July 8, 2017), the "NOT FORSAKING" page on Hebrews 10:25 and "EPI SUN AGO GE" is out for additions, editing, and page redesign.

UPDATE NOTE C: At the time of writing this note (July 8, 2017), the NEXT TWO things we are working up into web format to add to this site (as mentioned elsewhere) are (1) the treatise on specifically the  CONTEXT  that Hebrews 10:25 is set IN, in the epistle. Much error and confusion enters Christian belief systems today, stemming from hasty and reckless handling of passages in Hebrews, not the least of which is ignorance of its context. (2) the continuation of the "Church vs Ekklesia" treatise. That work is (so far) approximately two-thirds completed.